Employment Law for Individuals

At Zermansky’s our team pride themselves in acting for employees before the tribunal. Our experienced employment solicitor Rachel Clayton has a wealth of experiences in bringing claims to the Employment Tribunal and we understand that work is a massive part of our client’s lives and when it goes wrong the consequences can be severe.

Employment law is a vast and often confusing area. We can assist in relation to all aspects of employment law relating to employees. We can assist in relation to problems at work and potential claims relating to:
•  Grievances/Disciplinary
•  Bullying and harassment
•  Problems with wages and holiday pay
•  Unfair dismissal Claims
•  Rights at work on a TUPE transfer
•  Issues at work due to disability
•  Pregnancy and maternity rights
•  Race discrimination

Other areas of discrimination such as age, sex, religions and belief, gender reassigning, sexual orientation

Legal Costs and funding your case, what we can offer
We understand that a concern of many when seeking legal advice is the cost and as such we offer a free ½ hour telephone appointment to assess your case. We can also offer competitively priced face to face consultations for an agreed fixed fee.

If you have a case we discuss the options for funding the claim with you and offer a range of options. We always aim to be clear on costs and know the stress and upset unexpected bills can cause. For example;

Fixed fees - we agree at set fee at the outset of your case, therefore you have the certainty of knowing what your legal costs will be at the outset.

‘No win no fee’ - depending on the merits and value of your claim we can sometimes offer a no win no fee arrangement. This means you pay nothing for the work we do on your file up front, but that if you obtain compensation we take a percentage of this to cover your costs. If you don’t receive compensation then you don’t pay us anything for the work we have done as the name suggests.

‘Pay as you go’ - hourly rates- we can also act for you on an hourly rate as your claim goes along. In these cases we agree a ceiling on our costs and don’t go over this without your consent.
If you feel we can assist, contact us to today to arrange a free initial telephone consultation.

Settlement Agreements
What is a settlement agreement? A Settlement agreement is a legally binding agreement between an employee and employer which aims to stop the employee from bringing legal action against the employer. As such, they are often used to settle a legal dispute between the parties or to set out the terms on which an employee’s employment may end. For example an employer may offer an a settlement agreement to set out the terms of voluntary redundancy or if there has been a breakdown of the relationship between the parties.

Such agreements can be complex and lengthy and as such it is a legal requirement that the employee receives advice on the terms of the agreement, usually given by a Solicitor. If this does not happen the agreement is not legally binding. It is normal that the cost of this advice is paid for by the employer.

How can we help?
Our expert team is able to assist in the signing off of settlement agreement. We take a personalised approach to make sure you feel you understand the agreements terms and are happy with the outcome.

We understand that being offered a settlement agreement can be a stressful time.  If the agreement is offered at the end of a long dispute then by this stage tensions can be running high and the legal wording of the agreement can be daunting.  We can offer impartial advice to both make sure that you understand the terms and also advise if the deal being offered is reasonable. If not, then if you wish we can intervene on your behalf and seek to negotiate a better package.

We aim to offer prompt appointments to advise on agreements and pride ourselves on the efficiency of our services. We can advise on settlement agreements in most cases for a fee of  £250 plus VAT and always seek to recover this from your employer.

If you require advice on  a settlement agreement please contact us to arrange an appointment.

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