Employment Law for Business

At Zermansky’s we can assist to make employing staff and dealing with employment law as simple as possible. We understand that to most businesses their staff are their greatest asset, but also one of their biggest risks. The legal obligations towards employees are complex and ever changing. When things go wrong the threat of ending up in the employment tribunal with its serious implications in terms of cost, time and the reputation of your business is daunting.

At Zermansky’s we are here to offer expert, common sense and affordable advice whenever you may need it.

Help on start up of a business
Setting up taking over a business is an exciting time. however, it is vital that if the business has employees then proper policies and procedures are put in place from the off. Together with Joseph Mcullough in our commercial team we can advise on all aspects of setting up or taking over a business.

From an employment perspective we can assist with drafting contract of employments, staff handbooks and policies and procedures.

In situations where a business is being bought we can advise on the complex requirements of the TUPE regulations to make sure you they are being met and avoiding the risk of ending of the tribunal.

Putting in place proper policies and procedures at whatever stage
For whatever reason sometimes businesses are not as well protected as they could be in terms of having proper employment policies and procedures in place. On other occasions sometimes business have taken steps to make sure they are protected, but are concerned that the law may have changed and as such a review is required.

Whatever the reason we can help. We can assist with putting in place contracts, policies and procedures as and when they are required. We aim to offer a tailored approach and don’t believe in a  one size fits all approach. We take the time to get to know your business and its specific requirements so that you have policies, procedures and contracts that work for you.

We can also offer an employer ‘audit service’ for businesses who are not sure what is required to get up to date.

In relation to all these services we can offer to assist you on a fixed fee basis, depending on the work required. Therefore, you have the certainty of knowing what the job will cost from the off.

Dealing with problems in the workplace
As a business you can have the best policies in the world, but with the employees the unexpected can and does happen!

Whether it be with a tricky grievance situation, disciplinary or HR issue, dealing with such matters can be time consuming and  laden with the risk of getting it wrong.  

Our employment team is experienced in dealing with day to day issues and workplace disputes.  As such we are well placed to offer  practical advice no matter how tricky the situation.  We understand the need to keep costs down and  can offer one off advice to businesses or enter into a package for ongoing advice bespoke to your business needs.

Defending employment tribunal litigation
Having a claim form from a disgruntled employee arrive can be a daunting experience and every businesses nightmare. At Zermansky’s we can assist. We can represent you at every stage of defending a claim a claim at the Employment Tribunal from drafting the a response to the claim  to defending your business at a final hearing.

We can offer clear, practical advise as to how to defend the claim the best you can and mitigate the risks to the company. Our advice is always clear, always honest and always practical. We will asssit you as far as possible to scuessfully defend yourself, but similarly we will be realistic fi the company is at risk we will let you know and do our best to get a good solution for the business in the circumstances.

We are aware that of course a big concern of businesses in these situations is the cost of defending the claim. We are able to offer a range of funding options from competitive hourly rates to agreed fixed fees to defend a claim. We can also consider stage by stage fees for when help is needed along the way.

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